深津 恵 Megumi Fukatsu

Scenting Designer

“I want to cloak you in the scent of nature and make you smile."

I create comfortable spaces with natural scents for all environments and the people who use them.

My scents are not confined by space or time. My aspiration for the future is to create beautiful natural scents in even the most unlikely environments.

Born into a forestry family in Kyushu, Japan, I grew up in the forests of Oita Prefecture. These valuable experiences in early life formed my attachment to scents.

Megumi Fukatsu credits her sensibility for hospitality to having worked in the airline industry in her early twenties. From there, she found the world of scent.

After acquiring an international license for aromatherapy*, she explored the idea of enhancing space with natural plant scents. Through this, she nurtured the concept of space design through scent.

For around 20 years, Megumi was involved in brand development for AT-AROMA Co., Ltd. During this time, she participated in fragrance production and space design projects for companies such as ANA and Lexus. Megumi is active globally and has client bases in places such as Japan, USA, Europe and China.

In recent years, Megumi Fukatsu has focused on teaching, giving lectures and seminars at universities and sharing her passion for this topic.

*Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology, and Diploma in Aromatherapy of ITEC



Founder, A Green Inc.
Creative Director, @aroma design studio
Kindai University / 近畿大学非常勤講師

Message 伝えたいこと

  • 1.

    The Japanese tradition of scent 日本の香り

    The culture of scent in Japan focuses on beautiful yet delicate fragrances.The classical art of Kodo, or ‘the way of incense’ has a unique style of “listening” to the fragrances. The concept of Soradaki - the burning of incense for pleasure - encourages the use of scent diffused within a space. The element of Soradaki is based on subtle elegance (Miyabi) and refinement (Iki).


  • 2.

    It began with the trees 原点は木、森林

    Megumi Fukatsu was born in a town surrounded by trees and pure water, she grew up feeling close to nature but at the same time able to look at the world beyond. Therefore, instinctively, her design inspiration comes from nature.


  • 3.

    Commitment to materials 原料へのこだわり

    Megumi Fukatsu is fascinated by the vibrant energy of plants and the colours and expressions that only pure materials possess. She is fond of scents where I can feel the purity and authenticity of their aroma.


  • 4.

    Design デザイン

    Megumi Fukatsu focuses on the role of scent and creates a certain energy within it. The atmosphere she creates with scent is simple, essential, somehow resonates in sensitivity.