minä perhonen Matsumoto ミナペルホネン松本

The minä perhonen Matsumoto is surrounded by the mountains of the Northern Alps, where you can feel nature and culture. and they have green tiles on the building that used to be a pharmacy.

We created the signature scent made of Hida cedar and herbs to commemorate 10th anniversary, inspired by a space nestled in Matsumoto, where you can feel the fresh green trees and clean fresh air of nature.

We expressed the healing, joy, and gentleness of the minä perhonen Matsumoto and created a space as they are.

以前は薬局であった建物に緑のタイルを纏った自然と文化を感じられる北アルプスの山々に囲まれたminä perhonen 松本店。


癒しや喜び、やさしさを感じるminä perhonen 松本店らしさをカオリで表現し空間を演出しています。

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